Emma & Jet | Georgia State University Senior

I photographed Emma and Jet four years ago for her high school senior portraits. Their viewing session was one of my absolute favorites because her mom cried while looking at the photos. Four years later, I got to photograph them again as Emma finished her senior year at Georgia State University.

What I love about Emma and Jet’s story is that it isn’t one of those instant connections between horse and rider. They had to work hard to get where they are. When I took her high school senior portraits, they had had been working together well for awhile, and by the time I took her college senior pictures this year, I could see the connection between the two of them. Our stories with our horses are so special and unique. They take time, hard work, and trust.

Jet and I’s whole relationship has been lots of emotions. When I first got him I was a freshman in high school and we went through a long rough patch where we didn’t understand each other yet. When we got pictures done with you I was a senior in high school and we had progressed so much by then. It was such a relief because I went through a time where I wasn’t sure if him and I were ever going to be partners.

Now I’m a senior in college and about to graduate. We’ve progressed even more so and having those pictures just always reminds me of all the stages we’ve been through, but also how great it’s been. I wouldn’t be the same person I am today without it.

Bolshoi | Black Background Equine Portrait

Liam and I went out to Cedarcrest Farm in Hiram, GA one morning to photograph black background portraits of Bolshoi. Julie wanted to have some photos as a gift for his owner. He is sweet as he is handsome, and prefers to suck on peppermints rather than chew them (which is the funniest thing to watch). I think the best part of this session was that I hung around talking with Julie after the photos were taken while Liam played around the barn. I got to hear all about how she was a professional rider before she took time off to raise her kids and is now back to riding. One of the core values of my business is connection and I love how this session sums it up perfectly: the connection of horse and rider, owner and rider, owner and horse, and how they all care for each other so deeply as well as an effortless connection between myself and Julie that we wanted to hang out chatting after the session.

And, just because he's so cute. Here's my little helper waiting patiently while I took Bolshoi's photos!

Tips To Make Your Summer Session More Enjoyable

There is no doubt that summer is a beautiful time to get photos taken with your horse. From the green trees to your horse's shiny summer coat, it can be tempting to schedule your session in the summer. However, with summer comes some unfortunate aspects of Mother Nature like bugs, humidity, and sweat. I am here to tell you that there are some ways to make your summer shoot more enjoyable!

Humidity and Hair

In Georgia, it gets humid. Don't fight it. If you are blessed with gorgeous curls or perfectly straight hair no matter the weather, then you luck out. But, if you're like me (and most others) and your hair is a weird combination of curly/wavy/straight, just embrace it! Allow the humidity to bring out a natural wave in your hair. Another great option is to put your up or half-up so it doesn't matter what your hair decides to do.


Dress For The Weather

Summer is a great time for rompers and dresses. Wear clothing that you know won't work against you in the heat. Light, breathable fabrics, flowy silhouettes, and sleeveless tops are great for a summer session. Keep in mind the color of your fabric as well. If you know you sweat a good bit (no shame in it!), wear colors and fabrics where it won't show.


Prepare For The Bugs

Bugs. The worse part about summer. There aren't any fixes for bugs other than make sure you are prepared. Wear bug spray on yourself and put plenty of fly spray on your horse. We'll keep some on hand during the shoot for quick sprays when it inevitably starts to wear off. 


Take Breaks

The heat takes its toll on both horse and human (and photographer), so we'll take plenty of breaks to keep everyone from getting to tired. Stand in front of the fan, get hydrated, hide in an air conditioned tack room...do whatever you need to do to cool off for a minute because the most important part of your session is enjoying the time with your horse!

Ready to book? Let's start planning your summer session!