Hello 2014

Sometimes you just have to get out and shoot. The last month or two have left me feeling a little bluh in the creativity department. So when the new year came around, and I had a nice set of PowerSheets to fill out, I decided to not let the little rut take over me. I made a goal to get out and shoot more. It's something I rarely do because between all the things I have to do, I'm ready to just be lazy on the couch, but that never got anyone anywhere. For my first day of just getting out and shooting I figured why not do something a little different with my editing? I very rarely do black and white, so why not today? I'm really loving these photos. They may not be perfect, but it felt great to get out and just do it for fun! Equestrian PhotographyEquestrian PhotographyEquestrian PhotographyEquestrian PhotographyEquestrian PhotographyEquestrian Photography


Styled Session - Carousel | Alpharetta Horse Photographer

I'm a self-proclaimed day dreamer. When I was little, the world in my blonde little head was like a Disney movie (and might still be). The theme for this shoot definitely came from the inner 5 year old in me who loved porcelain carousel horses. The one in the shoot was actually a present from my dad for my 5th birthday. I thought of the idea for this shoot about a year ago, and after the Tea Party Shoot with Sarah, it gave me the courage to go through with it...styled, personal photo shoots are quite an undertaking and for some reason make you feel more vulnerable when you share them. It was a lot of work, and I am so excited to see it in its complete form! I got a little giddy last night when I loaded up all of the images in the correct sequence.

Cartersville Horse Farm Photographer | Three Bears Farm

Over the weekend I got to spend some time with my dad working on photography. I wanted more experience with interiors of barns, and I wanted to try out his super wide angle lens, so we headed out to Three Bears Farm in Cartersville to practice. I want to give a huge thank you to Jackie and Mark for letting me take over the barn for an hour or two sticking my camera through every doorway. Here are few images from the day. Three Bears FarmThree Bears FarmThree Bears FarmThree Bears FarmThree Bears FarmThree Bears FarmThree Bears FarmThree Bears FarmThree Bears FarmThree Bears Farm