New Look!

As you can tell, has a new look! The original look to the website was great, and what I had envisioned for my brand in the beginning. However, as time went on, and I started to develop my brand outside of the internet with paperwork and packaging, I realized that the cute lace and linen background on my website just wasn't me. It was cute and I liked it, but it didn't describe the clean, bright look that I felt described my business and my pictures. I hope you like the new look! This is just step one of improving my website and making it better and easier for my customers.

And thank you to my awesome husband for taking my new "headshot" one evening. He ran into the house telling me if I could be ready in 5 minutes, the light was perfect! (We're a little obsessed with the light around here.) I had just finished with cleaning stalls and feeding horses, so I scrambled to get myself together, and I think it came out great!