Atlanta Equine Photographer | Jackie and Tommy

Tommy is back! Like I've said, Tommy is a popular boy. Jackie rode Tommy back when she was high school. Currently, she is stationed to Arizona so she wanted to get some pictures with Tommy before she moved earlier this month. We decided to tie in a little bit of a theme of going on a journey and the Air Force for a few shots as way to merge her passions and past and present. This is the very reason why I started taking equine portraits. I love being able to create a tangible memory for people like Jackie. It not only reminds them of their horse but also the experiences and memories they made together! Ok, I'll stop with my sentimental mission and show you the pictures. :) Atlanta Equestrian PhotographyJackieAndTommy-3JackieAndTommy-26JackieAndTommy-17JackieAndTommy-28JackieAndTommy-30JackieAndTommy-32JackieAndTommy-16atlanta-equestrian-photography-1-blog