Ball Gowns and Horses Part 1 | Powder Springs Horse Photographer

Today has been a roller coaster of emotions for me. I got some bad news regarding the health of Fresno, but he should be fine. I'm praying that when we get his surgery scheduled, it will go smoothly and everything looks good. This is the exact reason why it is so meaningful to have a photo session with your beloved horse, because you never know what the next brings. A lameness exam can turn into the discovery of a tumor as in Fresno's case. But, like I said, he should be fine! Extra prayers are appreciated though! Last night I planned to show some images from a two part session with ballgowns and ponies. The perfect session to help cheer me up today! The photos from part 1 are of Dawn and Secret. Dawn is the trainer at my barn, Pony Tail Acres, and Secret is her gorgeous red mare! At the beginning of their session Secret was not happy with being in the field and just standing there. She wanted to run around and go crazy, but once she calmed down we got some gorgeous images that show the sweet bond between the two of them.