Why I Love Winter Sessions | Atlanta Equestrian Photography

A lot of people love to book sessions in the spring or fall, and I totally get it! Nice weather, pretty flowers or colorful leaves, your horse is looking his or her best. But let's not overlook how amazing winter sessions are! 

The Sun

As equestrians we are quick to hate on winter and the lack of sun for good reason. Despite having shorter days, I love the gorgeous light in the winter. The sun doesn't have to compete with trees giving us all the gorgeous golden rays.  


Comfy, Cute Clothes

Let's face it, the best thing about cold weather is the clothes! Cozy vests and cute plaid while snuggling with your horse are is one of the best parts about winter.


No Sweat or Bugs!

I don't this this needs further explanation! 

The Subject Pops

One of the things I love most about winter sessions is that the muted colors of leafless trees makes the horse and rider really pop out of the image. This combined with the moody feel just makes for an effortlessly stunning look.


So grab your favorite vest, your furry pony, and let's take some winter pictures! Send me an email (hello@sweetfresno.com) or click below to book!