Equestrian Photography Questions Answered: What If My Horse Acts A Fool During My Photo Session?

Ok, first of all I need you to remember this...it happens in 90% of my photo sessions. I've seen jerking, pawing, bucking, dragging, neighing uncontrollably (ahem, Fresno), and more. Don't stress. Don't get embarrassed. Don't apologize. Horses are, well, horses! I want your session to be fun, so we'll laugh it off and I'll tell you stories of the 10 other horses that were just as silly and my own botched sessions with Fresno and we'll move on. ;)

Now that that's out of the way, here are my tips for when your horse gets a little fresh in your session.


How to keep your horse comfortable during an equine photography session

  • Get your horse familiar with the area you want to shoot in. If we will be going out in a pasture he rarely goes in, spend some time out there in the days before your session. If your horse is herd bound, spend some time getting him used to being by himself.
  • Schedule your photo session around their schedule. If he's hungry or sees his friends getting turned out, he is more likely to get distressed.

What to do when your horse starts to act up during your photo session

  • Stay calm. If you get frustrated it will only add fuel to the proverbial plastic bag blowing in the wind. Remember, I have seen it all before. My own horse acted like an idiot in my photo session, so there is no need to get embarrassed.
  • We'll take our time. Sometimes they just need a break! It is completely fine to take the time to get your horse comfortable again. I build time into my sessions to allow for this.
  • Take the time to figure out what your horse needs. Do we need more fly spray, does your horse just need a bite of luscious grass we're making him stand in? Maybe your horse needs to have a quick lunge. 

My goal for your session is be an enjoyable and memorable experience. We'll take the time to make sure you are both comfortable because I don't want you to look back at your pictures and think, "yeah, they're pretty, but my horse was a total jerk that day!"

So, are you ready? Let's make magic!