2018 Goal Setting

I will start this post with saying, I am not a "type-a" person at all. I'm not super organized. I don't make a pretty list and check everything off...I make 20 lists, forget where half of them are, and carry over the outstanding tasks to 30 more to-do lists. I have, however, discovered the importance of setting goals and trying to be "type-a". I first used Powersheets a few years ago, and only kept up with it for about 2 or 3 months. At the beginning of 2017, I was overwhelmed, filled with anxiety, and had too much on my plate. So I tried Powersheets again. 

2017 Review

I started my 2017 Powersheets with this sentence, " I feel exhausted and overwhelmed, but oh so grateful!" 

I'll be honest, the grateful part was just me trying to be positive. I was grateful, but the exhaustion and overwhelm far outweighed the gratefulness. I was working too much, Liam was in the middle of a sleep regression, I was really mean to myself for not "bouncing back" after having Liam - I was a hot mess emotionally and physically (by barely taking the time to get dressed everyday), and I was ready to give up photography. I chose "simplify" for my 2017 word and set some goals. I didn't accomplish all of them, but I made so much progress. Closing out this year, I am more confident with my business, I've remembered to take care of myself without putting to much pressure on it, I've learned to say no, and the biggest accomplishment is that I have learned that routines create the life I want to live. I spend so much more "free time" with Liam because I'm more organized than I ever have been. I went into the year thinking I would physically simplify things (de-clutter the house, be more organized, etc.), but it's more of a simplified mindset that I have discovered which will help me declutter the physical things.


Looking forward to 2018

I know going into 2018 I want to get even more firm with routines. It's not something I really discovered until the end of this year, and I'm still not very consistent with it. That being said, I didn't really know what I was expecting to get out of my Powersheet prep work.

Lara encourages you to select three areas to focus on. I'll be honest, I wanted to circle family, and I felt guilty for not because at the root of everything, that is my why. I realized though, through doing the prep work, I need to work on other areas so I can better serve my family. There's no room for guilt!

2018 Word

Going into my prep work, the words routine and structure were on my mind constantly, but they aren't exciting enough to be my "word". I had to sit on this for a day. I knew they were the base for what I want out of 2018, but they aren't my end all, be all. So I looked back at my words from previous years, I looked at why I wanted structure and routine, and I looked back at the pages from my prep work. Finally, it hit. Purpose. I'm finally in a place where I have some clarity. I'm not reaching for the next thing. I'm looking for what I can do with what I have.

My2018Word copy.jpg

In one of the exercises I filled in the blanks, "If I were to step into these fears and take action, my life would be meaningful and purpose-driven. I would feel like I am living the life God made me for."

So, get ready 2018. I'm coming for you, and I'm ready to start cultivating my purpose-driven life.

If you pick a yearly word, I would love to see it in the comments!