Tips To Make Your Summer Session More Enjoyable

There is no doubt that summer is a beautiful time to get photos taken with your horse. From the green trees to your horse's shiny summer coat, it can be tempting to schedule your session in the summer. However, with summer comes some unfortunate aspects of Mother Nature like bugs, humidity, and sweat. I am here to tell you that there are some ways to make your summer shoot more enjoyable!

Humidity and Hair

In Georgia, it gets humid. Don't fight it. If you are blessed with gorgeous curls or perfectly straight hair no matter the weather, then you luck out. But, if you're like me (and most others) and your hair is a weird combination of curly/wavy/straight, just embrace it! Allow the humidity to bring out a natural wave in your hair. Another great option is to put your up or half-up so it doesn't matter what your hair decides to do.


Dress For The Weather

Summer is a great time for rompers and dresses. Wear clothing that you know won't work against you in the heat. Light, breathable fabrics, flowy silhouettes, and sleeveless tops are great for a summer session. Keep in mind the color of your fabric as well. If you know you sweat a good bit (no shame in it!), wear colors and fabrics where it won't show.


Prepare For The Bugs

Bugs. The worse part about summer. There aren't any fixes for bugs other than make sure you are prepared. Wear bug spray on yourself and put plenty of fly spray on your horse. We'll keep some on hand during the shoot for quick sprays when it inevitably starts to wear off. 


Take Breaks

The heat takes its toll on both horse and human (and photographer), so we'll take plenty of breaks to keep everyone from getting to tired. Stand in front of the fan, get hydrated, hide in an air conditioned tack whatever you need to do to cool off for a minute because the most important part of your session is enjoying the time with your horse!

Ready to book? Let's start planning your summer session!


Shelby & Max - Fall Floral Equestrian Session

I met Shelby a few years ago when I started taking lessons at Moonlight Equestrian Center in Dallas, GA. It was such an honor be able to photograph her senior photos this past fall. It was freezing cold, but she braved it like a champ all while wearing a cold shoulder top. We took a few breaks to warm her hands, but you wouldn't know by look at her pictures that she was freezing!
Floral garland by Beautiful/Wild Design.

The Ylvisakers

It was a cold rainy morning when I pulled up to Rebecca's barn in Cartersville, GA. Rebecca and her husband, Tyler live on her family's farm in a gorgeous old farmhouse, you know the type - white, two story with an amazing porch. We took turns with each of the horses in a gorgeous fall garland by Beautiful/Wild Design for black background shots. The rain cleared up just enough for us to take some couple shots of Rebecca and Tyler by one of the old barns.