About Erin

I have had an obsession with horses ever since I can remember. I started riding lessons in middle school and haven't looked back since. Now that I'm older, my love of horses is intertwined in everything I do. I find so much joy in preserving the sweet memories between horse and rider. My goal is to bring connection, emotion, and story-telling to every session…any maybe a floral garland!

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About Fresno

Like most horse obsessed kids I asked for a horse for every birthday, every Christmas, and random days in between. When I was 18, I sat in my dorm room and tried to think of the most convincing way to get my parents to reconsider the “horse issue”. I created a powerpoint presentation that addressed every concern they had ever had. I even added music. I started my presentation with the disclaimer, “You can’t say anything until I’m finished.” The next day, I received the verdict. For the first time after all those years, they said yes! I cried. Literally.

We found Fresno a couple of months later and purchased him for me to continue eventing, which was short lived as "we" transferred to Berry College and joined the equestrian team. He is now retired and enjoys hanging out with his mares and getting plenty of treats. I see him almost every day and am so thankful for his companionship.

This photo is from "our" senior year of college and the photoshoot that started my passion for equine photography.

Why I Do What I Do

Since my dad is also a photographer, I’ve been around photography my entire life, but it wasn’t until my last year of college that I realized it was something I wanted to take seriously.

It started when my friend and I wanted pictures with our horses. We grabbed a bunch of clothes and went out into the pasture and started snapping.  We had so much fun dressing up and playing with our horses. As a result, we got beautiful pictures to capture the memories of our days at Berry College and the campus barn.

Fast forward to the end of year. A couple of other girls had seen the pictures and wanted some of their own before graduating. I offered to take their pictures, and that’s when I realized I had to keep doing this!

I want to offer the same experience that I had to you! Dress up, have fun, and receive a tangible memory of you and the horse that means the world to you!

Rachel, Bailey, myself, and Fresno the summer before our senior year.